Problems With Sleep

Problems With Sleep – When you really look at the problem, technology is entirely to blame. Not matter how much more efficient we get in business and life, it’s our sleep that continues to get worse and worse. New studies are constantly coming out now that show a direct relationship between the lack of sleep we are getting and all this new technology that we are using daily.

A lot of this is coming out mainly because of the iPad which allows you to do more reading in bed and even spend more time going through email and work. The problem is the fact that the light these devices give off as been proven to mess up your internal clock. This is something you don’t want to have happen right before you go to bed and it will not only keep you awake now, but can also have more long term affects.



The fact that these devices let out a lot of light has really been in the news a lot, but there is more to it that the news has not been mentioning. Like we already mentioned, most people like to get extra work done before they go to bed or at least email. This keeps your brain active right before bed, plus it can raise stress considerably. So it’s not just a light issue that one day soon will be fixed, it’s the fact that you have to learn to disconnect from our work loaded lives.

While there has been a lot of talk about the problems, there has not been too much about the solutions. From a technology angle, this problem will never really get better as there is going to be a non-stop flow of new technology to “help” us. But there are some things you can use from luxury bedding, to technology, to going cold turkey that can really help you sleep better and relax.

To begin, if you’re an iPad owner and you love to use it to read about night then you need to make a little change. When you want to read, try to use the Kindle from Amazon which does not use a back light and acts like reading a normal book. The reason it’s the best reader is because it doesn’t have that backlight and you can be sure that a similar technology will be hitting newer versions of the iPad over the coming years. That means it won’t mess up your internal clock and you can sleep better.

Second, you have to show more care for the environment that you sleep in to make sure it relaxes you and takes you away from your troubles. We have mentioned it but it’s proven that work and stress go hand in hand so what you need to do is make sure that you keep work completely outside of the bedroom. Doing this can also have some great benefits besides just sleep, more in the romantic side of things.

What you end up using on your bed can have a huge role to when it comes to your sleep. Probably the most overlooked thing to help you sleep better and to help you relax a lot more is the bedding you’re sleeping in every night. It’s a little rare when it comes to finding, but silk sheets are the best because they are soft, they are all organic, and they are softer than you can possibly imagine. They promote true relaxation because they breath so well and when you lay in them, you instantly feel amazing and just want to chill out.

Third, noise machines are a great way to help you sleep as well as an ambient sound like a fan. There are so many options these days with technology that can make sound-scapes that sound real. From the ocean to meadows at night, they can help big time.

Finally, smells can really help you sleep. It’s proven that difference smells can really relax you and help you sleep better than most other things. Some of the best smells are lavender, coconut, floral smells. They help to relax you further, as if you were getting a massage.

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